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We build solutions where other options don’t exist. View our network map to discover our reach.


Our Network Is Digital for Your Convenience

We’re in MasterStream and Connectbase, so you can request quotes and place orders with the tools you already use. 

Additionally, our user-friendly Portal makes it easy to request quotes, place orders, track your project status, and open tickets for active locations. Managing all your hard-to-reach sites is easy in our centralized location.

Connect with us in an existing platform or place a request to use our Portal. Reach out to us to get connected in the tools you're using.

Our Network Is Ever-Growing


300+ PoPs

Our wide-reaching presence allows us to service 1400+ locations in 49/50 U.S. states and 6/10 Canadian provinces.


6 Carrier Hotels

Rely on us to deliver services, no matter the location, thanks to our ability to scale an established, robust network.


950+ WISPs

We leverage our partnerships with trusted WISPs to bring you new opportunities and reliable connectivity solutions.


39 Vertical Assets

We’ve built 39 vertical assets (and counting) to connect businesses in remote areas where no other options existed.


Your Connectivity Questions Answered

Do you only provide service for hard-to-reach locations?

No! We also deliver connectivity solutions in urban and rural locations all over the U.S. However, our ability to design and build solutions for even the most challenging circumstances is what sets us apart from other providers. 

Do you provide residential internet service? 

We do not. Our focus is on wholesale solutions for commercial connectivity. 

Does your service come with an uptime guarantee?

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. DIA offers more bandwidth, a dedicated service team, and SLA-backed performance, so it’s the way to go for businesses that depend on reliable internet.

What is a fixed wireless network?

A fixed wireless network operates on microwave or millimeter wave wireless equipment to deliver internet access to stations affixed to an outdoor structure. Its architecture is similar to a cellular network, but the end user's stations are fixed instead of mobile.

Why should businesses use a fixed wireless network?

There are many circumstances in which fixed wireless is an ideal alternative to fiber. It's quicker to deploy, can provide diversity in areas with one dominant provider, and is typically more cost-effective for locations with low fiber density. 


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 The Latest in Connectivity

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