Connected2Fiber Maps More Than 4.2 Million Serviceable Locations for BeyondReach, Helping to Deliver Connectivity to Underserved Areas

Connected2Fiber’s Near-Net Analysis, Availability Engine API and Demand Engine combine to uncover new serviceable locations and buyer intent data for BeyondReach

BOSTON — February 27, 2020 — Connected2Fiber, the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers, announced today that BeyondReach, a provider of internet connectivity solutions specializing in hard-to-reach areas, has mapped millions of previously unidentified serviceable locations using Connected2Fiber’s The Connected World platform. As a location engagement platform, The Connected World marries detailed location, network, and tenant data with a robust ecosystem of buyers and sellers to automate go-to-market activities such as opportunity identification, prioritization, pricing, and procurement.

“Our mission is to provide connectivity solutions anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, no matter how remote or complex the need,” maintains Brandon Tessau, Sales Manager at BeyondReach. “Connected2Fiber gave us the tools, data and analysis to uncover new business opportunities in our unique markets. The Connected World is our window into untapped business and revenue potential; though no location in North America is out of reach for us, this platform revealed expanded opportunities within just a few miles of the wireless equipment we have deployed. It also puts us in front of the right people via their C2F Availability Engine API that markets BeyondReach to our target audience 24/7/365, allowing us to help those who need us most. Finally, through Connected2Fiber’s Demand Engine function, we understand which buyers are requesting information on specific locations, which improves internal operations.”

“BeyondReach came to us with an honorable but difficult challenge rooted in their ‘reach the hard-to-reach’ serviceability mission,” adds Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “But that’s what we do best. We developed a unique set of location-based intelligence and automation services built on The Connected World platform. It allowed BeyondReach to focus on providing critical connectivity services to those who need it fast, or temporarily, and to traditionally underserved areas. Using our Near-Net Analysis, Availability Engine API and Demand Engine capabilities ultimately enabled them to automate much of their go-to-market process from identifying previously unknown prospects to promoting their reach to partners – furthering their company mission.”

“The nearly instant increase in opportunities, by thousands, is incredibly impressive,” continues Tessau. “But also, the number of personal introductions Connected2Fiber has made for us and their highly customer-centric focus has truly been the icing on the cake. One of Connected2Fiber’s biggest differentiators is the ecosystem the company is building around this powerful platform, allowing us to meet many buyers before we even finished setup. We’ve seen major traction just by being introduced to this ecosystem, and we look forward to a long-term and fruitful relationship with Connected2Fiber.”


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Connected2Fiber is the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers. The Connected World platform details and displays deep, trusted location-based insight and empowers users to leverage that insight to automate go-to-market processes around deal identification, account prioritization, and product pricing. Visit Connected2Fiber on the web at or follow us on Twitter @connected2fiber.

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BeyondReach is a Circle Computer Resources, Inc. (CCR) brand that focuses specifically on engineering connectivity solutions for Aggregators, VARs, and ISPs. Since 2001, we’ve been providing connectivity solutions for hard-to-reach areas. Our strength is in engineering solutions for areas without coverage. After two decades of honing our skills in the industry as CCR, we’ve now become an independent brand solely focused on providing connectivity solutions for Aggregators, VARs, and ISPs. Visit BeyondReach at or follow us on Twitter @Beyond_Reach_.

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