5 Fixed Wireless Misconceptions

Fixed wireless internet is a great solution for businesses where other internet connections are not an option.

But despite the flexibility of this technology and the ability to quickly and easily install it, a variety of misconceptions about its use and benefits continue to circulate.

If you’re ready to clear up the most common fixed wireless misconceptions, keep reading to learn more.


1. It’s Unreliable


One big misconception about fixed wireless is that it is unreliable. However, the reality is that fixed wireless actually offers more reliability than satellites and similar reliability to fiber internet connections.

Where satellites rely on signals traveling from the satellite in space to your business – and back again – this slows the transmission of data significantly. Fixed wireless, in contrast, relies on a signal traveling from an antenna on a transmission site located nearby to the business and back again, allowing for much faster transmission times.

While wired internet connections offer the same or greater reliability, they may not be a viable or cost-effective option for those located in remote areas or other locations where running cables would not be an option.


2. Weather Impacts Its Performance


The myth that weather affects the performance of fixed wireless may come from some businesses’ experiences with improperly installed equipment that does not factor in environmental conditions. 

While certain frequencies of fixed wireless equipment can technically be susceptible to weather interference, fixed wireless installations are performed by expert wireless engineers who work to prevent this issue. Engineers know how to read the climate, terrain, and other geological factors to determine what equipment will work best for the circumstances. They will design a quality connection that encompasses both your business’s needs and the environmental factors – effectively preventing weather interference.


3. Fixed Wireless Equipment Damages Businesses


Another fixed wireless misconception is that installation can damage businesses’ buildings.

Installing fixed wireless equipment is actually very simple and can be done in a few ways. A simple dish antenna can be put into the roof and a cable is run to connect the dish to the business’ server room or router. This process is quick, easy, and non-invasive to your business’ infrastructure. An alternative method is to use pole mounts, and a third method is to install non-penetrating roof designs that would prevent damage to the building.


4. It Isn’t Scalable


Because of fixed wireless’ simple concept and its ability to offer fast internet speeds, it’s a super scalable solution. Businesses are not only able to scale their operations long-term, but can also easily scale for temporary needs as well.

Compared to fiber, fixed wireless takes much less time to set up. Additionally, digging and trenching fiber can often encounter many permitting obstacles and delays – especially in instances where the internet service provider has to go through publicly protected lands such as national parks. If those hurdles arise, projects can stall interminably. Fixed wireless does not encounter such obstacles, making for a faster, more scalable option for businesses looking to adapt quickly, grow, and meet their needs sooner rather than later.

Additionally, fixed wireless solutions provide scalability of cost. They can be upgraded incrementally over time in contrast to fiber, cable, or satellite, which are CapEx-intensive and require significant cost and time to improve through each generation.


5. Fixed Wireless Lacks Security


Because of the over-the-air transmission of fixed wireless signals, the claim has been raised that it lacks security. In fact, research shows that fixed wireless offers the same or better security as other internet service provider options including cable, DSL, and satellite.

Because of concerns over wireless internet transmissions, the fixed wireless industry has long doubled down on security to ensure safety. Fixed wireless components are not open access, and with military-grade encryption standards, these connections are often more secure than other internet options that have not been given the same treatment and upgrades.


Fixed Wireless as an Effective Internet Solution


Clearly, fixed wireless misconceptions abound and mislead business decision-makers looking for the right connectivity. Fixed wireless offers a secure, easily scalable, reliable internet solution that isn’t susceptible to weather interruptions and is quick and non-invasive to install. Interested in learning more about the truth behind fixed wireless? Check out our webinar recording. We give you the 101 on fixed wireless and how it can transform business connectivity.