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Primary and secondary business internet solutions with no monthly data limits and performance-backed SLAs.


Reliable, budget-friendly connectivity for businesses in hard-to-reach and hard-to-serve locations.

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Point-to-point connectivity for secure data-sharing across businesses with multiple locations.

Temporary Connectivity Solutions: The Speed and Reliability of Fixed Wireless

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In today's rapidly evolving business environment, having an agile and reliable internet connection is crucial. For small businesses, the average cost of downtime ranges from $137 to $427 per minute1 – an expense many companies simply cannot afford. Temporary connectivity solutions, especially in situations where traditional installations face delays, are becoming increasingly important for businesses to maintain continuity and efficiency. Fixed wireless technology stands out as a go-to option for these scenarios, offering both speed and flexibility.

Understanding the Need for Swift Internet Installation

Whether due to inclement weather, permitting issues, or labor shortages, delays in fiber installations can be a significant setback for businesses – especially those in rural areas. In such situations, finding a rapid and dependable backup solution is essential to ensure uninterrupted service delivery and maintain customer satisfaction.

The Advantages of Fixed Wireless Flexibility

Fixed wireless emerges as an essential backup solution for businesses in the process of implementing fiber – particularly when a new build is required in an area with no existing fiber infrastructure. There are two key reasons smart businesses utilize fixed wireless as a temporary connectivity solution:

A Rapid Solution in Critical Situations

Fixed wireless technology shines in its ability to be deployed quickly. Unlike traditional wired solutions, which require extensive infrastructure work, fixed wireless can be set up in a fraction of the time, providing businesses with an immediate internet connection.


Adapting to Diverse Business Requirements

Another significant advantage of fixed wireless is its adaptability to various business scenarios. Whether it’s for a short-term event, a temporary office, or anything in between, fixed wireless can be tailored to meet specific business needs without the long-term commitment or extensive setup required by traditional methods.

Fixed Wireless in Action: Hotel Openings on Short Notice

When a hotel in Denver, Colorado, was faced with a fiber installation delay just 47 days before opening, they turned to BeyondReach for a rapid solution. Our team crafted a connectivity plan within 12 days, obtained the contract signature by day 21, and, crucially, had the hotel fully operational eight days before opening. Similarly, another hotel on Lake Michigan found itself in need of a temporary solution 41 days before its opening. We were selected on day 15 and had them up and running by day 22, well ahead of their opening. These examples highlight our ability to deliver reliable, high-speed internet solutions under tight deadlines, ensuring that our clients' businesses launch without a hitch.

Our Commitment To Providing Reliable Temporary Connectivity Solutions

At BeyondReach, we understand the importance of staying connected, especially when unexpected delays threaten business continuity. Our expertise in fixed wireless technology allows us to provide temporary connectivity solutions that are not only quick to deploy but also reliable and flexible, catering to the unique needs of each business scenario.

Whether you’re facing a delay in your fiber installation or need a short-term internet solution for a special event, we're here to keep businesses connected when it matters most. Our dedication to providing fast, effective, and adaptable internet solutions is a testament to our commitment to helping businesses thrive, even in the most challenging situations. Reach out to us today to get started with reliable connectivity. 


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