Businesses in Rural Areas: 5 Connectivity Challenges

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Operating a business in a rural location comes with unique connectivity challenges. From geographic limitations to reliability issues and beyond, rural and remote companies face hurdles their urban counterparts rarely encounter. 

Only 1.5% of Americans in urban areas lack high-speed broadband access, compared to 50% in rural areas and tribal lands.1 In this blog, we’ll look at the top five connectivity struggles businesses in remote areas face – and how the right provider can help you overcome them.

1. Geographical Barriers

Rural areas often lack the infrastructure needed for high-speed internet access. Mountains, forests, and long distances create significant barriers that make setting up traditional broadband networks extremely difficult. Without the right infrastructure in place, fast, reliable connectivity remains out of reach for many businesses in these areas.

2. High Costs and Limited Options

Bringing connectivity to remote locations is not only technically demanding – it can also be financially taxing. Rural business owners can incur hefty costs, either because they pay more for internet services or because they need to invest heavily to extend networks to their locations. With few providers willing to take on the risks and challenges of servicing sparsely populated rural areas, options are severely limited for business owners seeking connectivity.

3. The Innovation Gap

Increased technology adoption could grow rural business revenues by over 21% annually.2 Unfortunately, businesses in remote areas typically lack access to the latest digital tools. Limitations in available bandwidth prevent rural companies from taking full advantage of emerging technologies. Without access to modern solutions, these companies can struggle to keep pace and drive efficiency.

Increased technology adoption could grow the annual revenue of rural businesses by over 21%

4. Scalability Struggles 

Businesses need scalable internet solutions to grow, but the lack of robust infrastructure in rural areas can stifle expansion. Sparse networks already stretched to capacity quickly become overloaded when rural companies require more bandwidth to support expansion. Growing data needs quickly surpass what limited existing rural networks can provide, stalling growth potential.

5. Lack of Reliability

Even when rural businesses can secure an internet connection, service is often unreliable. Around 66% of companies in rural and remote areas say poor connectivity negatively impacts their business.2 Factors like weather disruptions and congested networks lead to spotty coverage and frustratingly slow speeds, which can disrupt day-to-day business operations and customer service capabilities.

Overcome Remote Internet Challenges With BeyondReach

Every business deserves access to the technology they need to reach their goals – no matter where they're located. While connecting businesses in rural areas with fast, reliable internet remains an obstacle for service providers, the right partner can help you overcome these challenges.

At BeyondReach, we specialize in helping aggregators, MSPs, carriers, and ISPs deliver reliable, high-speed business connectivity to customers in even the hardest-to-reach locations. We leverage our ever-expanding network and partnerships with 950+ WISPs to build cost-effective fixed wireless solutions that overcome geographical limitations and rural area struggles.

Ready to bring connectivity within reach for your rural and remote business customers? Get in touch with BeyondReach today.



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